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Oregon, October 11, 2017

Four implications of Lynne Saxton's departure from OHA

DJ Wilson | Aug 28, 2017 | Oregon

Lynne Saxton's departure from the OHA is big news for Oregon's health care transformation project.  The Portland Tribune did a good job of reporting the story that led to her ouster, and the Portland Business Journal had smart follow up. But the importance of Saxton's leaving is consequential to, and...[ Read More ]

Column: Oregon's Fiscal Insanity

| Aug 23, 2017 | Oregon

Today's forecast from the state’s Office of Economic Analysis shows Oregon’s economy—and revenue growth for schools and other public services—continues to outperform the nation.  This past legislative session saw an $800M increase in funding for schools—the largest increase ever—as well as full funding of Oregon’s Medicaid expansion, which was paid...[ Read More ]

Governor Brown appoints Acting Director of the Oregon Health Authority

| Aug 18, 2017 | Oregon

Governor Kate Brown appointed Patrick Allen as Acting Director of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). In a letter, Governor Brown directed Allen to operate the agency with a commitment to transparency, accountability, and the wise use of taxpayer dollars, and to evaluate all existing staff according to these standards. “Pat...[ Read More ]

Letter: Oregon Gov. Brown on veto of psychologist prescriber bill

| Aug 16, 2017 | Oregon

Oregon Governor Kate Brown vetoed House Bill 3355 this week, which would have authorized certain psychologists to prescribe mental health drugs. You can view her original letter to Secretary of State Dennis Richardson explaining the veto here. Dear Secretary Richardson, I am returning Enrolled House Bill 3355 unsigned and disapproved. Access...[ Read More ]

Column: How a 100-year-old commitment drives future economic growth

| Aug 15, 2017 | Oregon, Washington

Long-term economic development depends on a steadfast commitment rooted in investments in innovation, infrastructure and community. As a 100-year-old homegrown company, Cambia Health Solutions learned what it takes to persevere in a turbulent industry while upholding our mission to deliver person-centric health care in an economically sustainable way. The success...[ Read More ]

Governor Brown appointed NGA Health and Human Services Committee Vice Chair

| Aug 11, 2017 | Oregon

The National Governors Association (NGA) announced that Governor Kate Brown will serve as the Health and Human Services Committee (HHS) vice chair in 2017-2018. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker will serve as chair. “Oregon has been a nationwide leader in expanding access to health care and bending the cost curve, and I am proud to...[ Read More ]