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Southern California, November 28, 2018

Providence upgrades its DC brand presence

DJ Wilson | Oct 11, 2018 | Alaska, California, Oregon, Texas, Washington

Almost 200 organizations coming to State of Reform in Oregon!

DJ Wilson | Oct 9, 2018 | Oregon

  We are a week out from our 2018 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference in Portland.  And, we are gearing up for what will likely be an impressive, diverse crowd of senior health care executives and health policy leaders! As of this writing, we are nearing almost 200...[ Read More ]

5 Things Oregon: Tech & AI, CCO 2.0, Pharmacy policy

| Oct 4, 2018 | Oregon

We are looking forward to seeing about 450 of you with us in two weeks in what is one of Oregon's largest, most diverse convenings of senior health care executives and policy makers!  We've curated almost 70 speakers for you at this one-day conference, where you'll hear about some of the most...[ Read More ]

ZOOM+Care Releases 2018 Zoom Transparency Toolkit

| Oct 4, 2018 | Oregon

This press release was provided by Zoom+Care.  ZOOM+Care, the leading provider of on-demand complete healthcare services, today released its 2018 Transparency Toolkit, designed to help insurers reduce the costs of healthcare while increasing transparency and accountability. Zoom’s publication of its Transparency Toolkit is significant for three reasons: First, Zoom becomes...[ Read More ]

OHA releases 2019 CCO capitation rates

| Oct 2, 2018 | Oregon

The Oregon Health Authority has finalized the 2019 capitation rates for coordinated care organizations (CCOs). These rates are the per-member-per-month amounts the state pays CCOs to coordinate health care for nearly 1 million Oregonians on the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid). This increase represents a 4.35 percent change in the rate...[ Read More ]

Task force on Health Care Cost Review reports to Senate Health Committee

Emily Boerger | Sep 27, 2018 | Oregon

On Tuesday, Oregon’s Senate Interim Committee on Health Care held an informational meeting on a variety of health care topics impacting the state.  Following an update on the Multnomah County Mental Health System and the Oregon Health Authority, the committee heard from the Task Force on Health Care Cost Review....[ Read More ]

OHA Medicaid Advisory Committee shares status of duals CCO enrollment pilot

Laura Lundberg | Sep 27, 2018 | Oregon

On September 26th, Oregon’s Medicaid Advisory Committee met to address the latest updates for the Medicaid program from OHA and DHS. They went into depth on understanding the Long-term Services and Supports (LTSS) system for those who are aging or living with a physical disability. Right now, people who have...[ Read More ]