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New data: health care is the top issue in midterm political advertising

Emily Boerger | Oct 19, 2018 | Washington

Health care continues to be a key issue in federal midterm races across the country, according to a new analysis by the Wesleyan Media Project. Between September 18th and October 15th, 45.9 percent of broadcast television ads for federal races mentioned health care. For pro-Democrat ads, health care was mentioned...[ Read More ]

2018 Alaska State of Reform Lunch Keynote: Robin Gelburd

Emily Boerger | Oct 19, 2018 | Alaska

Robin Gelburd leads Fair Health, an independent nonprofit that collects data for and manages the nation’s largest database of privately billed health insurance claims.  Gelburd traveled out from New York City to share cost data on Alaska’s health care system during our 2018 Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference. ...[ Read More ]

2018 Alaska State of Reform Morning Keynote: Gary Kaplan, MD

Emily Boerger | Oct 19, 2018 | Alaska

Gary Kaplan, MD is the Chairman and CEO of one of the nation’s most esteemed, and highest quality hospitals.  As Virginia Mason’s leader for almost two decades, Kaplan has been at the helm of the institution as it has been awarded the highest marks for quality of any hospital in...[ Read More ]

Speaker Presentations now available from 2018 Oregon State of Reform Conference

Emily Boerger | Oct 19, 2018 | Oregon

On Tuesday we hosted our 2018 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference and it was one of the largest, most diverse convenings of senior health care executives and health policy leaders in the state. It is always an honor to bring these different silos of healthcare together. Here are some...[ Read More ]

WSU Medical School receives initial accreditation to offer residency programs

Marjie High | Oct 19, 2018 | Washington

Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine has received initial accreditation to sponsor residency and fellowship training programs it announced Monday Oct. 15th. The school hopes to have their residency programs up and running when its first class of students graduate in 2021. Dr. John Tomkowiak, dean of...[ Read More ]

5 Things Alaska:  ASO RFP, Jay Butler, What you missed

| Oct 19, 2018 | Alaska

Normally, we limit this newsletter to 5 Things each month.  But, with a lot of moving parts in Alaska health care this month, we're throwing in a few more for you to scan, read, and review...  So, here are seven things for you in this month's edition of 5 Things...[ Read More ]

5 Things California: Debate, Sen. Holly Mitchell, MAT in Prisons

| Oct 19, 2018 | California

With less than three weeks left before Election Day, California has a handful of Congressional races and an initiative on the ballot, the outcomes for which could reverberate nationally.  But, what appears to have died down, given the dynamics in the governor's race, is talk about health care in California....[ Read More ]

2018 Alaska State of Reform Lunch Keynote: Valerie Davidson

Emily Boerger | Oct 19, 2018 | Alaska

Val Davidson serves as Gov. Walker’s Commissioner for the Department of Health and Social Services.  She has championed Medicaid expansion and helped craft significant Medicaid reforms working with the legislature in what became SB 74.  Davidson spoke as one of our lunch keynotes at the 2018 Alaska State of Reform...[ Read More ]

2018 Alaska State of Reform Morning Keynote: Mark Begich

Emily Boerger | Oct 19, 2018 | Alaska

Mark Begich is a former US Senator and Mayor of the Municipality of Anchorage.  This year, he is a candidate for Governor of the State of Alaska. Begich participated in the State of Reform conference as one of our morning keynotes where he discussed his vision for health care and...[ Read More ]

Gubernatorial candidates saying little on health care

Marjie High | Oct 18, 2018 | California

Around one-third of California's $200 billion budget goes toward health care with private health insurance spending in the state, estimated at over $100 billion a year. Yet since the primary, California gubernatorial candidates Gavin Newsom and John Cox have said little about one of the more pressing issues facing the...[ Read More ]