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Pat Allen named permanent OHA Director

DJ Wilson | Sep 22, 2017 | Oregon

Pat Allen sent the following email out today to OHA employees. ----------------------------- September 22, 2017 To: All Oregon Health Authority employees From:  Patrick Allen, Director I am honored and humbled today to be named permanent director of the Oregon Health Authority. I want to thank all of you for welcoming...[ Read More ]

Hill Physicians and Muir Medical Group IPA announce plans to join forces

| Sep 22, 2017 | California

Hill Physicians, California's largest independent physician association (IPA), and Muir Medical Group IPA, Inc, the largest IPA serving the East Bay, today announced plans to join under the umbrella of Hill Physicians Medical Group effective January 1, 2018. "As the industry consolidates to achieve economies of scale that help manage...[ Read More ]

Washington State safety net providers urge Senate to reject Cassidy-Graham Health Care Bill

| Sep 22, 2017 | Washington

The Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers (WACMHC), and the Community Health Network of Washington (CHNW), along with its subsidiary non-profit managed care company, Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) believe that the Cassidy-Graham bill is an attack on the low-income patients they serve and Washington State. The...[ Read More ]

Podcast: A Conversation with Peter Adler, President of Molina Healthcare of Washington

Kylie Walsh | Sep 22, 2017 | Washington

Peter Adler, President of Molina Healthcare of Washington sat down with us in Spokane at our Inland Northwest Health Policy Conference in mid-September. As President of the largest carrier on the Exchange in Washington State, Peter talks us through Molina's role in Washington, and on the national level. He is...[ Read More ]

Is the ADN biased in its health policy reporting?

DJ Wilson | Sep 22, 2017 | Alaska

Today's morning Alaska Dispatch News - front page, above the fold - leads with the headline "Cassidy-Graham bill provision would help Alaska." It's a posting of a Washington Post story.  The ADN, like many newspapers in the country, pays to use content that is syndicated via national carriers.  Here is...[ Read More ]

AG Ferguson sues Capital Medical Center for withholding charity care from thousands of low-income patients

| Sep 22, 2017 | Washington

Attorney General Bob Ferguson today filed a lawsuit against Capital Medical Center in Olympia, alleging it repeatedly violated Washington’s Consumer Protection Act by withholding charity care from thousands of low-income patients. The lawsuit alleges that management at Capital Medical Center, a for-profit hospital, created a culture that elevated aggressive collection over...[ Read More ]

Washington Post: Alaska implications in Graham-Cassidy

DJ Wilson | Sep 22, 2017 | Alaska

The Washington Post this morning is reporting that Sen. Murkowski is pushing language in the Graham-Cassidy bill in the Senate that would exempt Alaska from at least one of the provisions in the bill. "The specific provision in the bill that would help Alaska would exempt "low-density" states from the...[ Read More ]

Alaska Commission on Aging comments on Graham-Cassidy

DJ Wilson | Sep 22, 2017 | Alaska

The Alaska Commission on Aging is a group of governor-appointed leaders that offer proposals, comments, counsel and advice to state government on issues related to Alaska's elderly population, their care, and their concerns. They also recently offered their concerns about the federal health reform and the latest version in play...[ Read More ]

CA Insurance Commissioner issues statement in opposition to Republican bill

| Sep 21, 2017 | California

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones today made the following statement regarding the Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal bill: The Senate Republican leadership intends to irresponsibly jam through the Graham-Cassidy bill next week without meaningful hearings, without a full CBO score detailing its impact on health coverage and premiums, and without the opportunity for...[ Read More ]

ACHs achieve second milestone, advancing Medicaid transformation

| Sep 20, 2017 | Washington

All nine Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) have passed phase 2 certification, a critical achievement in the Medicaid Transformation Demonstration (Demonstration). Their success signals another step toward the 2021 goal of whole person health care and better management of state resources. Each ACH will receive $5 million to continue: Building...[ Read More ]