What They’re Watching: Tracy Forsyth, Health Share of Oregon


Shane Ersland


Tracy Forsyth, communications manager at Health Share of Oregon, said the health plan is preparing for the rollout of new health-related social needs benefits to members. 

“So [there’s] a lot of coordination with partners and OHA (Oregon Health Authority) to figure out the specifics of that. From a communications standpoint, we’re working on (Medicaid) redetermination as an ongoing project for us to make sure all of our members are aware that they need to update their information with OHA so that, when they’re sent materials, they receive them and can take any necessary actions to keep their coverage.”

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  1. Have you ever wondered why the wealthiest country in the world has yo have Healthcare for the Poor???

    Medicaid/Medi-Cal is racist, sexist and classist and need to go bye- bye!

    One people, one plan!!!


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