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Oregon, November 12, 2019

Oregon ranks "healthy" in new report

Emily Viles | Jul 12, 2019 | Oregon

Oregon Health Policy Board discusses tribal behavioral health

Laura Lundberg | Jul 3, 2019 | Oregon

On Tuesday, the Oregon Health Policy Board held a meeting at the Yellowhawk Tribal Clinic in Pendleton to discuss the 2019-2024 Tribal Behavioral Health Strategic Action Plan. The goal of the strategic plan is for all of Oregon’s Native people, families, and communities to be healthy.      The Oregon...[ Read More ]

Preliminary rate decisions for 2020 health plans revealed

| Jun 26, 2019 | Oregon

Oregonians can now see the state’s preliminary rate decisions for 2020 individual and small employer health insurance plans. The Division of Financial Regulation must review and approve any rates before they can be charged to policyholders. Preliminary rate decisions are for individuals who buy their own coverage rather than getting...[ Read More ]

OR House passes prescription drug take back program

| Jun 26, 2019 | Oregon

A statewide prescription drug take back program passed the Oregon House of Representatives [on Tuesday]. The legislation is one more tool in efforts to combat the opioid epidemic that is ravaging communities throughout Oregon.     House Bill 3273 requires pharmaceutical manufacturers selling in Oregon to cover the costs of...[ Read More ]

Oregon passes bipartisan legislation to slow rising cost of health care and increase transparency for consumers

| Jun 21, 2019 | Oregon

With the passage of Senate Bill 889, Oregon becomes the fourth state to set a spending benchmark to rein in the rising costs of health care. Modeled after a program in Massachusetts, SB 889 creates the Oregon Health Care Cost Growth Benchmark Program. The program will set a state spending...[ Read More ]

House passes Oregon tobacco and e-cigarette tax

Laura Lundberg | Jun 20, 2019 | Oregon

On Thursday, the Oregon House of Representatives passed HB 2270, a bill that raises taxes on tobacco products, and generates a new tax on e-cigarettes and vaping products. The bill, which passed on a 39 to 21 vote, includes a referral to voters that would be available in November 2020...[ Read More ]

Oregon sets national standard for nonprofit hospitals

| Jun 17, 2019 | Oregon

Hospitals are required nationally to do community benefit under the affordable care, but there are no minimums. The Oregon Senate passed legislation today designed to ensure more nonprofit hospitals are holding up their end of the bargain. House Bill 3076 – which passed with a 20-8 vote on the Senate...[ Read More ]

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