What They’re Watching: Subrata Saha, Grazitti Interactive


Alex Nelson, Eli Kirshbaum


Subrata Saha, account director at Grazitti Interactive (a marketing technology company), is focused on strengthening California’s data sharing infrastructure to meet the demands of the CalAIM initiative. Subrata told us about some of this work at the 2023 Southern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference. He said health data comes from many disparate systems, making the comprehensive collection of data difficult.

“I think one of the biggest challenges in [the CalAIM] program is, how do you segment the data and run your programs, [and] target it towards your members? … A lot of these systems do not talk to each other, so it’s really important for these organizations to really consolidate all the data that they have and really understand [their] members, and take actionable insights from that data so that it can improve your offerings.”

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