What They’re Watching: Carolina Ayala, The Happier Life Project


Alex Nelson, Eli Kirshbaum


The Happier Life Project is a community-based organization in Southern California that supports individuals struggling with substance use and mental health issues by connecting them to services. Carolina Ayala, the organization’s executive director, told us about some of the nonprofit’s on-the-ground work at the 2023 Southern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference.

“We really are recovery coaches, peer support specialists that work one-on-one with direct service or in group settings. We do a lot of outreach, so meeting people where they’re at, helping them transition into other services that they may need, as well as advocacy.”

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  1. Hello I’m a old friend of Carolina my name is Judy Ochoa and I would appreciate it if someone can give her my phone # and have her call me please I would love to hear from her thank you very much and hope to hear from her soon thanks again.Judy Ochoa


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