The top priority this year for Oregon hospitals is “operational survival,” according Becky Hultberg, president and CEO of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems. Hultberg sat down with us during the 2023 Oregon State of Reform conference last fall to discuss the top-of-mind topics in state health policy for her organization.     … Read more

As State of Reform continues to expand and grow, we’re excited to announce that we’ve hired a new full time reporter to cover the intersection of health care and health policy in Oregon. Shane Ersland comes to State of Reform with over 10 years of journalism experience, having most recently worked as an editor at … Read more

Next month, we’ll host the 10th annual State of Reform event. It’s a little crazy to me to think about all of the work in those intervening 10 years. In those early days, Bruce Goldberg was very kind. Amy Fauver showed up for a keynote at the last minute in place of an ailing Rocky … Read more

Becky Hultberg is the President and CEO of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS) where she works with local and national government leaders to promote community health and continue improving Oregon’s innovative health care industry.  In this Q&A, Hultberg discusses how the workforce shortage affects hospitals, how the delta surge will affect … Read more