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What They're Watching: Trahan Whitten

Kylie Walsh | Jan 19, 2018 | California

Podcast: Sacramento Insiders Discuss the Upcoming 2018 Legislative Session

Kylie Walsh | Dec 15, 2017 | California

The 2018 legislative session is just around the corner. And with a big election year in California, health care politics are becoming even more important. This session will bring you up to speed on what’s happening in Sacramento policy discussions, and point the way towards what to expect in 2018....[ Read More ]

Two things I know and two things I think I know about the reported Providence - Ascension merger

DJ Wilson | Dec 11, 2017 | Alaska, California, Oregon, Texas, Washington

Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Providence St. Josephs was in merger talks with Ascension.  This was among the most poorly kept secrets in west coast health care M&A activity of 2017. We first heard rumors about this deal over the summer.  We didn't report on it then because...[ Read More ]

PhRMA files lawsuit over drug transparency bill

| Dec 11, 2017 | California

Last Friday, PhRMA filed a lawsuit in US District Court challenging the constitutionality of Senate Bill 17. The lawsuit names Governor Brown and Robert David, Director of the Statewide Health Planning and Development Office as defendants. SB 17 aims to make drug costs more transparent, requiring pharmaceutical companies to notify...[ Read More ]

WSJ: Providence and Ascension in talks to merge

DJ Wilson | Dec 10, 2017 | Alaska, California, Oregon, Texas, Washington

The Wall Street Journal has posted a story today that Providence St. Joseph is in talks to merge with Ascension in a deal of two hospital giants that would total $44.8 billion. We've heard this rumor for about four months from multiple sources both in and out of Providence.  However,...[ Read More ]

5 Things California: What you missed, CHIP funding, Monisha Machado-Pereira

| Dec 7, 2017 | California

We are still coming down from our 2017 SoCal State of Reform Health Policy Conference earlier this week!  It was a tremendous event.  Thank you to everyone who attended, to all our fantastic speakers, and to everyone who gave us feedback as we worked to create a great event. We...[ Read More ]

Executive Keynote: Delivering on System Reform in Southern California

Emily Boerger | Dec 7, 2017 | California

Organizational leadership during this uncertain time in health care requires visionary and thoughtful stewardship. Our group of panelists in the afternoon executive keynote at the 2017 SoCal State of Reform Health Policy Conference offered their thoughts on the most important qualities demanded of health care leadership in 2018 and shared...[ Read More ]