What They’re Watching: Dep. Gov. Sol Flores, State of Illinois


Eli Kirshbaum


Among Illinois Deputy Governor Sol Flores’ priorities for state healthcare is bringing different state agencies together to improve health equity. We had the honor of sitting down with the deputy governor to hear about her health policy goals for Illinois at the 2023 Illinois State of Reform Health Policy Conference. She also highlighted the state’s recently passed HOME IL initiative, which lays out a comprehensive plan to address homelessness in Illinois.

“One of the things we recognize in state government is that we have one consumer. And they don’t necessarily know you have this department, and that department, and this agency—they just know they have a need related to healthcare, and they need that need met.”

Flores will be leaving the position on Oct. 13th, when current Illinois Department of Human Services Secretary Grace Hou will take over the role of deputy governor.