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US District Court rules in favor of Texas Medical Association over independent dispute resolution process

| Feb 8, 2023 | Texas

US District Court Judge Jeremy Kernodle ruled in favor of the Texas Medical Association (TMA) on Monday in its case against the federal government over the arbitration process for resolving out-of-network medical billing disputes between providers and payers.      TMA’s suit against the departments of Health and Human Services,...[ Read More ]

Texas Medical Association files fourth lawsuit against federal No Surprises Act

| Feb 1, 2023 | Texas

The Texas Medical Association (TMA) announced on Tuesday that it has filed a lawsuit in US District Court challenging a 600% increase in administrative fees related to the federal independent dispute resolution (IDR) process for out-of-network medical claims.      Federal agencies announced last month the fee would increase from...[ Read More ]

President of Texas Medical Association shares 2023 legislative priorities 

| Jan 24, 2023 | Texas

The Texas Medical Association (TMA) said its top priorities this legislative session are issues around scope-of-practice and women’s reproductive health.      As part of its interim report for the current session, the House Select Committee of Health Care Reform (HSCHCR) recommended increased funding for medical education and workforce development...[ Read More ]

HHS finalizes rules for IDR process at the heart of TMA lawsuit

| Aug 22, 2022 | Texas

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released updated final rules on Friday related to the independent dispute resolution (IDR) process between payers and providers concerning surprise billing, required under the No Surprises Act (NSA).      The new rules require arbiters to consider both an insurer's median...[ Read More ]

TMA continues fight for fair process in federal surprise billing law

| Jan 28, 2022 | Texas

The Texas Medical Association (TMA) Monday reiterated its strong opposition to a part of a federal rule that unfairly favors health insurers when directing arbiters to resolve payment disputes between insurers and physicians under the No Surprises Act. A brief filed by TMA late Monday opposes the federal agencies’ motion for summary...[ Read More ]

New TMA push suggests kids, parents pause electronic devices

| Dec 2, 2021 | Texas

Devices like the one you may be using to read this news release might be harming your health, Texas physicians say, so they have a suggestion: Turn it off. Physicians are concerned about more people suffering mental and behavioral health problems, especially as the pandemic lags on. Doctors see connections...[ Read More ]