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5 Things Virginia: Q&A w/ Jennifer Faison, State public option, Health equity

| Sep 22, 2021

Fall is here. That means football, a little more rain, and elections. Polling in the governor's race appears to show a steady lead of 3 to 4 points for McAullife. Youngkin will need to pull some more votes from the Southern Coastal region where he leads with 55%, according to...[ Read More ]

Comm. Conway: market is "pointed in the right direction" to meet public option benchmarks

| Sep 21, 2021 | Colorado

Based on some of his initial conversations with carriers, Colorado Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway believes the insurance market is “pointed in the right direction” to comply with benchmarks established by the state’s recently passed “public option” bill. He made these comments during a recent webinar hosted by Colorado Healthcare Strategy...[ Read More ]

5 Things Washington: Q&A w/Sen. Patty Kuderer, Detailed Agenda, Medicaid buy-in bill

| Aug 12, 2021 | Washington

The data remains clear that getting vaccinated is the most important thing you can do to avoid COVID. It's also clear that if you're vaccinated, you're extraordinarily unlikely to get a breakthrough case, and that you're very well protected. Sure, you should still be smart about your behavior. Yes, there...[ Read More ]

Medicaid public option bill could "give relief to millions"

| Aug 9, 2021 | Hawaii, Washington

A recently introduced Medicaid public option bill could create a low-cost, public alternative to private health insurance at the state level, increasing access to health coverage for uninsured Americans. On Friday, U.S. Rep. Kim Schrier, M.D., (WA-08), U.S. Sens. Brian Schatz (D-HI) and Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) introduced HR.4974, or...[ Read More ]

Colorado’s standardized health benefit plan (HB21-1232)

| Aug 2, 2021 | Colorado

Elected officials in Colorado have made their state the third to adopt legislation mandating tightly-regulated health insurance offerings. As was the case in Washington and Nevada, the push came from advocates of a “public option,” although the final bill (HB21-1232) leverages private coverage, not public insurance. None of the three...[ Read More ]

The complicated politics of a federal “coverage gap” workaround

| Jul 14, 2021 | Federal

The Biden administration and Democrats in Congress are pursuing a two-track legislative agenda for the second half of 2021, although political considerations and a crowded calendar may force a merger. The first bill is supposed to consummate an agreement among a bipartisan group of ten senators for more infrastructure spending....[ Read More ]