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Restricting patient steering and pharmacy quotas: CPhA on legislative successes

| Sep 16, 2021 | California

The California Legislature recently passed two of California pharmacists’ highest priority bills. Senate Bill 524 prohibits health plans from requiring patients to get their medications or services from certain pharmacies -- a practice known as “patient steering.” SB 362 prevents community pharmacies from enforcing quotas on their pharmacists. The two...[ Read More ]

Pharmacy deserts more common in Black and Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods

Emily Boerger | May 27, 2021 | Federal

A recent Health Affairs study finds pharmacy deserts, defined as neighborhoods with low geographic access to pharmacies, in the United States are more common in Black and Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods compared to white or diverse neighborhoods. The study examined the accessibility of pharmacies across the thirty most populous US cities throughout...[ Read More ]

5 Things Michigan: COVID-19 surges, Rural health challenges, Topical Agenda

| Apr 6, 2021 | Michigan

My Gonzaga Bulldogs were outplayed last night by the Baylor Bears, who won the NCAA Men's College Basketball National Championship. After 22 years straight of going to the post-season tournament, Gonzaga has just two national championship appearances and zero titles in their run. I'm reminded, however, that the first effort...[ Read More ]

Registration for “5 Slides: Innovations in bending the Rx cost curve” is now open!

Emily Boerger | Mar 9, 2021 | Washington

As a return to normalcy appears on the horizon, the intersection of cost pressures and innovation in pharmacy is becoming a primary topic of concern in health policy. State of Reform is looking forward to exploring this issue in depth at our upcoming “5 Slides: Innovations in bending the Rx...[ Read More ]

5 Things Michigan: Vaccinations, COVID appropriations, Mental health

| Feb 4, 2021 | Michigan

Welcome to our first edition of 5 Things We're Watching in Michigan health care. I hope you'll find some of our journalism below helpful to you as you work to improve the Michigan health care system. And, if you know of someone who may be interested in our coverage of...[ Read More ]

Accredo, a full-service specialty pharmacy, expands services with new pharmacy in Hawaii

| Apr 17, 2019 | Hawaii

Express Scripts [on Tuesday] announced that its specialty pharmacy, Accredo, will open a new location in Honolulu to provide high-touch pharmacy care to people living with chronic, complex health conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, cancer and hemophilia. Scheduled to open in summer 2019, the new pharmacy will offer a range of services, including...[ Read More ]