While some state programs are helping curb the soaring costs of prescription drugs in Michigan, there is still work to be done. Industry leaders discussed those efforts at the 2023 Michigan State of Reform Health Policy Conference.     The US healthcare system spent $603 billion on prescription drugs in 2021. Elizabeth Kutter, senior director … Read more

Healthcare leaders discussed efforts that aim to increase access to prescription drugs and lower their costs during the 2023 Florida State of Reform Health Policy Conference a couple weeks ago.      Florida Association of Community Health Centers Vice President and COO Ben Browning said consumers scored a big victory with the legislature’s passage of … Read more

Lawmakers applauded the recent passage of bills that expand the number of children covered under Florida KidCare and regulate the business practices of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) during the 2023 Florida State of Reform Health Policy Conference.     Rep. Robin Bartleman (D-Weston), ranking member of the Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee, said the most significant bill … Read more

Medicaid eligibility redeterminations began in April, which means Florida health centers are helping patients retain health coverage or find other options if they are determined to be ineligible. Under the public health emergency’s (PHE) continuous coverage mandate, the state saw a significant increase in the number of individuals and families on Medicaid. In March 2020, … Read more

As the federal government makes progress in lowering insulin costs, the Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) is working to support cost reduction efforts there as well.     In March, all three of America’s leading insulin producers agreed to substantially reduce their prices, following the federal government’s request to institute a $35 cap on insulin copays. … Read more

Friday marked an important deadline in the Washington legislative session, as bills with fiscal impact had to be passed out of their original committee.     “Non-budget bills that haven’t cleared a fiscal [committee] by the end of Friday are left on the cutting room floor,” Gov. Jay Inslee stated in his Friday newsletter. “Exceptions … Read more

On Feb. 8th, California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced a settlement of over $215 million against Centene Corporation. Centene is alleged to have violated the California False Claims Act by overcharging California’s Medi-Cal program through falsely reporting higher prescription drug costs, collected through its two managed care plans.  The managed care plans in question are … Read more

Oregon lawmakers discussed bills that would provide additional regulation of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) during a House Committee on Behavioral Health and Health Care meeting on Tuesday.     Numi Rehfield-Griffith, senior policy advisor for the Division of Financial Regulation at the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS), said PBMs perform several functions on … Read more

Special shoutout to our reporter Shane Ersland, who has done some great reporting in the state recently and is an instrumental part of State of Reform’s presence in Washington. Feel free to reach out to Shane at any time with story leads as he continues to track the most pressing topics in Washington State health policy. This … Read more

We’ve got some important updates in this week’s newsletter, including several on-the-move bills and an overview of health funding in Gov. Newsom’s May Revise budget proposal. We also have coverage of the steps California is taking to protect abortion rights in the wake of a likely Roe v. Wade overturn, and new CHCF data showing the … Read more