In this edition, we focus on the end of the healthcare setting mask mandate, CareOregon’s work to help customers retain coverage through the redeterminations process, and controversial legislation that would mandate minimum nurse/patient staffing ratios. Thanks for reading!   Shane Ersland State of Reform 1. Mask mandate to end next month The requirement for workers … Read more

This month’s edition includes coverage of health bills that have passed through their first chamber in the legislature, and information about Washington’s lifting of the mask mandate for healthcare settings next month. As always, thanks for reading!   Shane Ersland State of Reform 1. Mask mandate ending next month Washington’s mask mandate for healthcare settings … Read more

Deanna Giolas is a San Francisco resident who lives with multiple chronic illnesses, and at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, she found herself stuck in Australia. Three years later, Giolas reflects on her experiences during the pandemic as a person living with Type 1 Diabetes, ADHD, and anxiety, and what the end of the … Read more

House Bills 2616 and 2498, concerning mandates on masking for minors and COVID-19 vaccination for state employees respectively, both passed their Third Read on the Senate Floor this week.     HB 2616, introduced by Rep. Joseph Chaplik (R–Scottsdale), would prohibit any school district or governmental entity of the state from requiring masks to be … Read more

Although a federal judge struck down a mandate requiring travelers to wear masks on airplanes and public transportation two days ago, Oregon health officials do not expect COVID-19 case numbers to reach the peak levels they did last year.     Dr. Tom Jeanne, Deputy State Health Officer and Deputy State Epidemiologist at the Oregon … Read more

Ann-Marie Alameddin is the president and CEO of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA). In this Q&A, she discusses how Arizona hospitals are continuing to cope with overwhelming conditions even as COVID-19 numbers begin to improve in the state, and how she hopes the governor and legislature will continue to support the health care … Read more

Over the last few months, Patrick Jones has been doing great work leading our reporting of health reform and health policy in Michigan. He is part of a seven-member news room at State of Reform, led by our managing editor, Emily Boerger. It’s a strong team I’m very honored to be a part of. We … Read more

In the past week, Gov. Inslee released a new proclamation, and amended an already-existing one, to enhance existing COVID-19 protective measures under his State of Emergency powers.     Inslee amended the Washington Ready order on Sept. 3, originally issued in February 2020. The amendment concerns the mask mandate, stating: “The Washington Ready order was … Read more

Representative Joe Schmick has served Washington’s 9th Legislative District — which includes Asotin, Garfield, Franklin, Adams, Whitman, and south Spokane counties — since 2007.  Rep. Schmick is the Ranking Member on the House Health Care and Wellness Committee, and also serves on the House Appropriations Committee. In this Q&A, Schmick discusses the health care legislation … Read more

Over the course of 24 hours, 1,272 new COVID-19 cases and 16 new deaths were reported in Maryland. This comes the day after Gov. Larry Hogan’s vaccine mandate went into effect for Maryland nursing home and hospital employees. The vaccine mandate from Gov. Hogan comes alongside a slew of other mandates to combat the rising … Read more