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Maryland health workforce and emergency assistance bills heard in committee

| Apr 7, 2022 | Maryland

Two bills aiming to supplement the state health workforce and emergency response system were on the agenda for the House Health and Government Operations Committee Tuesday. The first was a crossover bill sponsored by Sen. Delores Kelley (D - Baltimore). The other was sponsored by committee member Cheryl Landis (D...[ Read More ]

Crossover deadline pushes bills through final committee voting sessions

| Mar 17, 2022 | Maryland

In the final week before bills passed in their chamber of origin are required to move to the opposite chamber, members of the Maryland House Health and Government Operations Committee (HGO) voted on several health measures, with still more to come. The committee voted on the following bills Wednesday night....[ Read More ]

Three key health workforce bills heard in committee

| Mar 4, 2022 | Maryland

As Maryland lawmakers are preparing to introduce final bills for the 2022 legislative session by next week, three bills across both chambers are specifically addressing the ongoing health workforce shortage in the state.      Senate Bill 440 passed its second reading with amendments on Thursday. Sponsored by Sen. Pamela...[ Read More ]

Maryland hospitals face over 3,900 nurse vacancies: up 50% from late summer

| Feb 1, 2022 | Maryland

Maryland hospitals are experiencing a staggering workforce shortage that limits their capacity to meet the needs of all Maryland residents. These challenges come after nearly two years on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and at a time when the total demand for hospital care—for COVID and everything else—is without...[ Read More ]

Maryland hospitals urge lawmakers to address financial strain

| Dec 21, 2021 | Maryland

Early on in the pandemic, Maryland’s hospitals were financially sound, according to the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) Chief External Affairs Officer Nicole Dempsey Stallings. Maryland’s unique All-Payer Model, which determines an evenly-distributed, fixed budget for the state’s hospitals each year, acted as a “shock absorber” that helped stabilize both a...[ Read More ]

University of Maryland Medical System Announces $5.1 Million Initiative For Recruitment Of Nurses, Other Clinical Positions From Maryland’s Community Colleges

| Dec 9, 2021 | Maryland

The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) Monday announced a $5.1 million commitment to recruit registered nurses and other clinical bedside experts from Maryland’s community colleges. This initiative marks the System’s first-ever “One UMMS” unified effort to target new graduates from the state’s two-year schools and will be effective with...[ Read More ]