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The long-term care workforce: a labor crisis

| Sep 9, 2021 | Washington

The long-term care workforce crisis is a national issue, but an especially pressing one in Washington State. With a rapidly aging population across the state, as well as a diminishing number of workers entering long-term care, the labor shortage could be detrimental to meeting the demand of the populations in...[ Read More ]

Bill to ensure nursing home residents can have visitors moves through committee

| Mar 31, 2021

The North Carolina Health House Standing Committee re-referred Clifford’s Law bill to the Committee on Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House Tuesday. House Bill 351, which is sponsored by Rep. Jimmy Dixon, would ensure individuals living in nursing homes and assisted living environments could have at least one visitor...[ Read More ]

DOH approves NextStep’s digital certified nursing assistant training program

| Mar 4, 2021 | Washington

NextStep, a digital health care training company, announced last week that the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has approved its certified nursing assistant (CNA) training program.     The CNA program offers a combination of app-based digital training along with in-person labs and clinical experience to prepare students for...[ Read More ]

5 Things Maryland: Q&A w/Del. Peña-Melnyk, "Chronic COVID," Long-term care bills

| Feb 10, 2021 | Maryland

A big thanks to Joe DeMattos and his members at the Health Facilities Association of Maryland. They are the first sponsor of our upcoming 2021 Maryland State of Reform Health Policy Conference in May. We'll have more details for you on that virtual conference in the weeks ahead. Until then,...[ Read More ]

5 Things Washington: "Chronic COVID," Rx costs, Payment parity

| Feb 9, 2021 | Washington

We are now covering state health policy in 15 states, providing more independent coverage of state and market-level health care coverage than any outlet in the country, so far as we can tell. It's a long way from our first story on Washington State health care back in 2011! If...[ Read More ]

House committee hears testimony on bills related to long-term care

| Feb 8, 2021 | Maryland

The House Health and Government Operations Committee heard testimony last week on bills that pertain to the long-term care industry. House Bill 303, sponsored by Del. Vaughn Stewart, would prohibit long-term care insurance coverage rate increases for those 85 years or older and who have held their policies for at...[ Read More ]