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Michigan's recently passed FY 2023 health budget focuses on behavioral health, workforce, and infrastructure

| Jul 6, 2022 | Michigan

The Michigan FY 2023 $69 billion budget omnibus bill—House Bill 5783—adopted the negotiated Conference Committee Budget and was passed by the House and Senate on Friday, July 1st. It’s awaiting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s signature to be finalized. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) items in the budget...[ Read More ]

Michigan House health committee tackles ways to improve mental health statewide

| Jun 17, 2022 | Michigan

Finding ways to improve mental health continues to be at the center of the House Health Policy Committee in the Michigan Legislature.  At its recent meeting on June 16th, the committee discussed bills that would require mental health parity reports to state organizations and reduce Certificate of Need (CON) requirements...[ Read More ]

Bill to reform 'adversarial and punitive' surveys on nursing facilities and staff considered by Michigan Senate committee

| Jun 10, 2022 | Michigan

Nursing home representatives and legislators are progressing legislation to rein in “adversarial and punitive” regulatory surveyor citations to limit the persistent challenges faced by staff from these numerous regulatory actions, said Richie Farran, VP of Government Services at the Health Care Association of Michigan.  The Senate Health Policy and Human...[ Read More ]

Michigan Legislature hears bills to require blood lead testing for children

| Jun 3, 2022 | Michigan

As issues with lead poisoning continue to affect Michiganders in places like Benton Harbor, the legislature is working on bills to require lead screenings for school-aged children across the state.  House Bills 4678 and 4679 were heard at the Michigan House Health Policy Committee meeting on May 26th. These bills...[ Read More ]

Legislation is heard in Michigan House committee on moving to a state-based insurance exchange

| Jun 2, 2022 | Michigan

The Michigan House Health Policy Committee recently heard a bill on May 26th that would replace the federal, private individual and small group marketplaces with a state-based health insurance exchange.  House Bill 6112 would create the nonprofit MIHealth Marketplace and the MIHealth Marketplace board, which aims to give Michigan more...[ Read More ]

Utah health interim committee decides interim themes and discusses solutions for lowering drug prices

| May 18, 2022 | Utah

Interim talks in the Utah Legislature echo similar unresolved themes as the recently ended legislative session, including lowering the cost of health care while improving quality, expanding behavioral health services, and expanding the safety net.  The Health and Human Services Interim Committee met for the first time on Wednesday to...[ Read More ]