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Governors from 20 states announce Reproductive Freedom Alliance

| Feb 21, 2023 | California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Oregon, Washington

Washington Gov. Inslee’s budget prioritizes homelessness and behavioral health needs

| Dec 15, 2022 | Washington

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee prioritized initiatives to address homelessness and behavioral health needs in his proposed 2023-25 budget, which he released on Wednesday.     Inslee’s housing proposal features a referendum that would allow legislators to front-load $4 billion of housing construction over the next six years. The underlying capital...[ Read More ]

Washington lawmakers announce several new policy proposals to strengthen abortion access

| Oct 31, 2022 | Washington

Gov. Jay Inslee and other Washington lawmakers have announced several new policy proposals that will be part of a 2023 legislative package that aims to strengthen abortion access and other reproductive health services in the state.     Lawmakers announced the proposals at Federal Way’s Wayside United Church of Christ...[ Read More ]

5 Things Washington: Cross-state care collaboration, Affordable housing funding, End of COVID emergency orders

| Oct 26, 2022 | Washington

Registration is now open for the 2023 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference! Register to join us at our first conference of 2023, which will be held at the Westin Seattle on Thursday, January 5th! The State of Reform team is hard at work putting together a diverse array of timely panel...[ Read More ]

5 Things Washington: Monkeypox stigma, Peer support specialists, COVID emergency orders

| Aug 9, 2022 | Washington

My name is Eli Kirshbaum and I'm a Senior Reporter/Editor here at State of Reform. Emily is out on vacation for the next two weeks, so I'm stepping in to write her newsletters while she's gone. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments during her...[ Read More ]

Gov. Inslee to rescind 12 health sector emergency decrees related to COVID-19

| Aug 8, 2022 | Washington

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced late last month that he will rescind 12 COVID-19 emergency authority proclamations that affect the health care sector and are no longer needed in response to the pandemic. The rescissions will take effect on Oct. 27th, which will give health care providers and facilities time...[ Read More ]

Health care agencies implement initiatives to expand use of peer support specialists in Washington

| Aug 2, 2022 | Washington

Several Washington health care agencies are implementing initiatives that expand the use of peer support specialists in behavioral health treatment.     On Wednesday, Gov. Jay Inslee met with members of the Results Washington program, which he established in 2013 through Executive Order 13-04. Health care officials updated Inslee on...[ Read More ]