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Fentanyl, meth users present uniquely difficult challenges for Washington's SUD-focused healthcare workers to treat

| Jan 17, 2023 | Washington

Inadequate living situations, unaddressed trauma, and lack of access to healthcare services are all factors that contribute to substance use disorders in Washington, according to experts who spoke at the 2023 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference.      Brad Finegood, strategic advisor at Seattle & King County Public...[ Read More ]

More permanent supportive housing needed to address Washington’s homeless, affordable housing problems

| Jan 10, 2023 | Washington

The need to build more affordable housing and address homelessness in Washington are crucial initiatives that take center stage in Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposed budget and are high on other lawmakers’ lists. Experts identified some ways to address the issues at the 2023 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference....[ Read More ]

5 Things California: ED discharge data & the unhoused, Presumptive Medi-Cal eligibility, MedZed/Molina partnership

| Nov 9, 2022 | California

This edition features recommendations about using emergency department discharge data to improve service delivery for unhoused individuals, insight about how presumptive Medi-Cal eligibility can be used as an on-ramp for enrolling individuals in full Medi-Cal coverage, and reporting on a partnership between Molina Healthcare and MedZed that is successfully lowering...[ Read More ]

Service providers for homeless populations in Washington now eligible to apply for up to $4,000 in economic relief

| Sep 29, 2022 | Washington

Service providers for homeless populations in Washington State are now eligible to apply for $4,000 in economic relief.     The Washington State Department of Commerce is administering a limited program for eligible homeless service workers in Washington to receive a stipend of up to $4,000, and began accepting applications...[ Read More ]

What They’re Watching: Rhonda Hauff, CEO, Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

| Sep 26, 2022 | Washington

Rhonda Hauff is the CEO of Yakima Neighborhood Health Services. She said the organization is focused on helping homeless people during our 2022 Inland Northwest State of Reform Health Policy Conference. Staff are utilizing opportunities available through the Apple Health and Homes Act, attempting to purchase a motel to increase...[ Read More ]

Youth care officials work to prevent Washington youths exiting public systems of care from entering homelessness

| Jun 9, 2022 | Washington

Youth care officials are working to address the needs of youths exiting public systems of care in Washington State through several initiatives, but they say additional help is needed.     Lawmakers discussed the issue during a Senate Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation Committee meeting on Wednesday. “The goals of...[ Read More ]