University of California Health joins approximately 40 cross-sector health care organizations committing to collecting, stratifying, and reviewing data about race, ethnicity, language and sex across top metrics and sharing anonymized, aggregate-level information to inform best practices. COVID-19 and the social injustice crises of 2020-2021 shined a new light on the systemic disparities in the U.S. … Read more

In case you missed it, registration is now open for our “5 Slides: Bending the Rx cost curve” virtual conversation. It will be an interactive conversation on a topic that continues to be top of mind for lawmakers and stakeholders. More details on the discussion are available below. In this edition of “5 Things We’re … Read more

North Country HealthCare (NCHC), the primary federally-qualified community health center (FQHC) in northern Arizona, released its 2021 Cultural Competency Report earlier this month, in which it reviewed its efforts to improve cultural competency, diversity, equity and inclusion in 2020, as well as its plans for future endeavors.     With over 50,000 patients across 12 … Read more

This edition of 5 Things We’re Watching touches on a broad range of issues impacting Alaska’s health care system. We feature a conversation on improving health equity in the state, the latest data on COVID hospitalization and treatment costs, and State of Reform Reporter Ethan Kispert has a forward-looking policy conversation with Sen. Tom Begich. … Read more

Fall is here. That means football, a little more rain, and elections. Polling in the governor’s race appears to show a steady lead of 3 to 4 points for McAullife. Youngkin will need to pull some more votes from the Southern Coastal region where he leads with 55%, according to a poll out last week. If … Read more

We are very excited to be hosting our 2021 Los Angeles State of Reform Health Policy Conference this Thursday. It’s a great group of just over 300 attendees who will be using our unique virtual conference platform to engage with one another, and wrestle with some of the biggest challenges in California health care. On Friday, we’ll … Read more

Eli Kirshbaum has been doing great work leading our reporting of California health care and health policy. He is part of a seven-member newsroom led by Emily Boerger, our managing editor. It’s a strong team I’m very honored to be a part of. Next week’s election may not amount to much. Public polling has Gavin … Read more

According to an estimate from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, approximately 30% of Marylanders have had COVID so far. That’s a number greater than Virginia and Pennsylvania, but less than Florida and Texas. Disease experts tell me it’s clear COVID is endemic in our system. It will likely never go away, at least in … Read more

Over 30 leaders in the Commonwealth’s health care sphere, including elected officials, health insurance plans and providers, and health policy academia, met Thursday for a cross-disciplinary “strategy dialogue” on improving Virginia health equity. Panelists discussed topics such as payment parity, affordable housing, broadband access, and education at the 2021 Virtual Colloquium Addressing Health Equity in … Read more

Health Net recently released a report providing recommendations on how to improve health equity in California. The report is based on successful initiatives implemented by Health Net, which serves many Medi-Cal-eligible individuals. The report outlines four overall recommendations to improve health equity:  “Implement multi-faceted interventions  Recognize that community-based resources drive the greatest impact Understand that … Read more