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What bills are Alaska lawmakers prefiling?

| Jan 10, 2022 | Alaska

Last week, Alaska lawmakers began prefiling bills for the 2022 session. Most of the health care bills deal with COVID-19, including several seeking to limit the state’s ability to enforce or mandate vaccinations.  These include HB 238, which would prohibit businesses, state agencies, municipalities, school districts and the University of...[ Read More ]

Dunleavy unveils People First Initiative

| Dec 17, 2021 | Alaska

Gov. Mike Dunleavy this week announced a suite of packages designed to address domestic violence and sexual assault, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons, human and sex trafficking, foster care, and homelessness.  The issues are all standalone initiatives, encompassing a mix of statutory changes, budget increments, staffing additions, and administrative actions,...[ Read More ]

Increasing health equity in Alaska

| Oct 12, 2021 | Alaska

Creating greater health equity in Alaska will require more specific data collection, and creating a seat at decision-making tables for historically marginalized people. That’s according to a panel discussion on equity held during 2021 Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference. The need to create more equitable health outcomes has...[ Read More ]

What You Missed: 2021 Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference

| Sep 17, 2021 | Alaska

We hosted our 2021 Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference last week, bringing together thought leaders, legislators, and policy experts into multi-silo conversations about the future of health care in Alaska.     Too often, those with good ideas for reforming health care don’t have a solid understanding of...[ Read More ]

Alaska clinic promotes new health care model

| Aug 27, 2021 | Alaska

Changes are on the way for health care in Alaska. Envoy Integrated Health, a new clinically integrated network (CIN), has been formed by a group of Alaska physicians. The goal behind this coordinated effort is to better connect physicians with the patients they serve and to continue offering the type...[ Read More ]

Vaccine efficacy (Part II) and Delta hits close to home

| Aug 13, 2021 | Alaska

Since April 2020, Anchorage-based economist and leadership coach Jonathan King has written a weekly email to clients and friends digesting Alaska’s most recent COVID data and bringing to light relevant information he thinks will benefit his stakeholders. This week he shared his thoughts on the challenges of calculating, and communicating...[ Read More ]