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Chicago, June 8, 2023

Morning Keynote: A conversation with ADHS leadership

| Jun 28, 2022 | Arizona

We were so honored to kick off last month's 2022 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference with a conversation with leaders from the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), who discussed the Arizona Health Improvement Plan, the agency's work to address the social determinants of health, and other updates...[ Read More ]

Arizona behavioral health experts say 988 will create a more appropriate and patient-friendly crisis response system

| Jun 23, 2022 | Arizona

Behavioral health experts are envisioning Arizona’s 988 crisis response system to provide individuals experiencing behavioral health emergencies with the same level and urgency of care as individuals experiencing medical emergencies.      Justin Chase, CEO of Solari Crisis & Human Services, Rachel Rios-Richardson, Evaluation Associate at LeCroy & Milligan Associates,...[ Read More ]

What They're Watching: Daniel Seiden, Arizona Chamber of Commerce

| Jun 21, 2022 | Arizona

Along with supporting initiatives to fortify Arizona's shortage of nurses and other health care workers, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and CEO Daniel Seiden says he's focused on fighting government mandates concerning health care and attempts to "interfere in the private right of contracting" at the federal and...[ Read More ]

What You Missed: 2022 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference

| May 31, 2022 | Arizona

We hosted our 2022 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference last week, bringing together thought leaders, legislators, and policy experts into multi-silo conversations about the future of health care in Arizona.     Too often, those with good ideas for reforming health care don’t have a solid understanding of...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Trends and issues in LTSS, Progress on VBC, Courts and health policy

| May 24, 2022 | Arizona

The wait is over—we are holding the 2022 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference in person in Phoenix this week! We are so excited to see everyone there and to hear the valuable conversations that we've scheduled for the day. This newsletter features a rundown of just a few...[ Read More ]

Equality Health will use ACO REACH model to further its mission of addressing the social determinants

| May 6, 2022 | Arizona

Equality Health recently announced their participation in the federal Accountable Care Organization Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health (ACO REACH) value-based payment model. The program aims to promote health equity and address the social determinants of health for Medicare populations in underserved communities, said Beth Patak, Executive Director of the...[ Read More ]