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Hawaii legislature to study psilocybin as behavioral health treatment

| Apr 22, 2022 | Hawaii

A bill that would convene a task force under the Hawaii Department of Health to study the availability of psilocybin-based products in Hawaii is making its way through the state legislature.      Psilocybin is a naturally-occurring chemical compound found in certain mushrooms and may be used to treat certain...[ Read More ]

Hawaii ranks first in health, last in economic well-being in COVID policy analysis

| Apr 19, 2022 | Hawaii

Hawaii’s unique geography significantly impacted the economic and public health effects of COVID-related policies, a new report from the National Bureau of Economic Research found.  Hawaii had the lowest COVID-related deaths per capita and the lowest COVID mortality rate in the country. However, it also ranked last (51st) in economic...[ Read More ]

5 Things Hawaii: Health in the budget, Kōkua services RFP, Public health emergency

| Apr 6, 2022 | Hawaii

The final day of the 2022 legislative session is now less than a month away. With that in mind, this edition of "5 Things We're Watching" features details on health policy on the move and the latest budget conversations taking place in the capitol. Thanks for reading! Emily Boerger State...[ Read More ]

Legislature discusses Hawaii State Hospital delays ahead of budget vote

| Apr 5, 2022 | Hawaii

The Senate Committee on Ways and Means is set to vote later this week on the $16 billion state budget for FY 2023. The House unanimously passed the budget earlier this month, approving funding for health initiatives such as the Kupuna Care Program, new positions for the Office of Long-Term...[ Read More ]

Health bills set to cross chambers next week

| Apr 1, 2022 | Hawaii

Hawaii legislators are working to pass dozens of health bills in preparation for the second decking deadline on April 8th. Recent movement in the legislature included bills that address telehealth, substance use, and the rural health workforce.     Health insurance coverage and reimbursement Several bills were referred to the...[ Read More ]

DHS releases RFP to boost Med-QUEST outreach

| Mar 31, 2022 | Hawaii

The Hawaii Department of Human Services (DHS) issued a request for proposals (RFP) for the Med-QUEST program on Wednesday to provide outreach, health insurance enrollment assistance, and other Kōkua services for Hawaii’s underserved populations.  The contract will award approximately $1.45 million per year to multiple awardees from July 1, 2022...[ Read More ]