What They’re Watching: Carley Detloff, Freedom Recovery Center


Eli Kirshbaum


Through her work as the chief financial officer for the Freedom Recovery Center, Carley Detloff is primarily focused on reducing rates of opioid overdoses in Michigan. At the 2023 Michigan State of Reform Health Policy Conference, Detloff told us her organization advocates for legislation that aims to lower overdose incidences, as well as any policies that aim to expand access to care for Michiganders at risk of overdose.

She’s also monitoring the progression of telehealth policy in the state, and how it can improve care for senior Michiganders in rural areas.

“We see more geriatric patients than ever receive access to care, even with the home health care programs that were created with Medicaid legislation and policies that now allow patients to receive treatment in the home, which historically cost a lot of money to health facilities, and we have to send out ambulatory services just to get somebody in …

So now, having those discussions via video … is huge and innovative for everybody across the board.”