Keynote: Maryland Department of Health Secretary Laura Herrera Scott


Eli Kirshbaum


We closed last month’s 2023 Maryland State of Reform Health Policy Conference with an informative keynote from one of Maryland’s most high-ranking healthcare leaders: Laura Herrera Scott, the state’s secretary of health under the Maryland Department of Health.

Listen to Scott discuss the state’s progress in behavioral health policy, how it’s facilitating improved communication between managed care organizations and community partners, the ongoing effort to redetermine Medicaid eligibility, and more.

“Behavioral health is a little more confusing over where you access care, and it’s not laid out as a continuum of care the way we have it on the behavioral health side. And we need a behavioral health system that works as a continuum of care that includes prevention, culturally competent crisis services, addresses ongoing mental health and substance use needs, and supports individuals who are reentering their communities.”