What They’re Watching: Brian Shiozawa, MD, University of Utah Health


Eli Kirshbaum


Promoting safety, quality, and affordability in patient care is of utmost importance for Utah providers, according to Brian Shiozawa, MD, associate vice president for health policy at University of Utah Health. At our recent 2023 Utah State of Reform Health Policy Conference, Shiozawa discussed his top priorities for Utah healthcare.

He said addressing the state’s healthcare workforce shortage is critical.

“We have to look at what it is that it takes to make [practicing] medicine rewarding and safe, whether it’s child care, whether it’s fair benefits and reimbursement, but also, taking kids—from the time they’re in high school—and giving them education and the opportunity [to get them] integrated early on, and then looking at broadening healthcare with community health workers so that there’s more access …”