Valleywise Health’s new campus in Arizona set to open in October


Hannah Saunders


Arizona’s Valleywise Health Medical Center’s new building, which will replace the current facility that is over 50 years old, is 75% complete and on track to open in October. The Diane & Bruce Halle Arizona Burn Center is 75,000 square feet and was designed from the perspectives of patients and clinicians alike.

The burn center at Valleywise Health is one of the nation’s largest and busiest academic burn centers, and sees 6,000 outpatient visits and over 1,000 inpatient visits annually. The physical layout of the new space creates openness and a sense of collaboration and peer support for recovery and responsiveness, which are instrumental factors in addressing the trauma and long-term recovery associated with burn patients. 


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“It is hard to believe that the vision for a new hospital, and expansion of our system, that started well over a decade ago is finally coming to fruition,” President and CEO Steve Purves said in a press release. “So much has changed in healthcare delivery since our current hospital was constructed more than 50 years ago and we are so proud to provide a new home for our physicians, nurses, and staff that reflects the exceptional care they provide.”

The Maricopa County General Hospital, located at the current Valleywise Health Medical Center site, initially opened in 1971 and created a new burn unit building by 1976. By 1983, the hospital changed its name to Maricopa Medical Center, and expanded the capacity to 555 beds in 1995, while being home to the largest graduate medical education program in the US.

Since then, Valleywise has hit several milestones including pop-star Taylor Swift’s 2018 visit to the burn center, and the creation of five new community health centers over the last three years. The community health centers provide access to primary and pediatric care, and offer integrated behavioral health services and onsite pharmacies at locations in South Phoenix/ Laveen, North Phoenix, Peoria, West Maryvale, and Mesa.

The upcoming Diane & Bruce Halle burn center will be on a single floor to allow members of the burn team to easily interact with one another, and will feature a pediatric wing, family support rooms, and space for research and teaching. Exteriors and infrastructure of the building are nearly complete, and include power, water, HVAC, and medical glasses. The final trim for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical work is ongoing. 

The construction of the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Pavilion is also underway, and will serve as the new learning and teaching building. Clinical education will be housed on three floors within the six-story facility, and will host administrative services and community meeting spaces for up to 300 individuals.

“Most importantly we will finally have a facility that offers all patients, especially the most vulnerable in our community, a more comfortable and accommodating atmosphere to heal,” Purves said.