Maryland Managed Care Organization Association discusses Medicaid redetermination


James Sklar


Jennifer L. Briemann is the executive director of the Maryland Managed Care Organization Association, a trade association for Maryland’s nine managed care organizations (MCOs) serving the HealthChoice Medicaid program.  

Briemann recently responded to State of Reform’s questions regarding how Maryland MCOs are preparing for the redetermination process for Medicaid enrollees, their goals and timelines during redeterminations, and the challenges they are facing.


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State of Reform: Are MCOs working with MDH when it comes to outreach efforts for Marylanders, and how is that effort going?

Jennifer L. Briemann: “In 2022, all nine of Maryland’s MCOs came together to invest considerable resources to develop a statewide outreach campaign to our members in advance of—and throughout—the redetermination process.

We have partnered with the Maryland Department of Health, the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, healthcare providers, community organizations, and other public health stakeholders to ensure that members maintain their health insurance coverage.

In addition to our collective investment and efforts, the MCOs individually outreach to enrolled members through various methods and modalities to include text, email, and robocalls to ensure that they continue to receive access to high quality care when eligibility reviews resume. Beyond this direct outreach, the MCOs and other key partners are currently sharing information via various channels to include social media, newsletters, member website portals, and events.  

MCOs are also conducting training to include FAQ documents for internal staff to conduct outreach and/or interface with members to include member services teams, population health teams, care management providers, and outreach coordinators.”  

SOR: What are your goals and timelines during redetermination? 

JB: “During the COVID-19 public health emergency, Marylanders who were enrolled in Medicaid continued to be covered, even if they were no longer eligible. Starting in April 2023, Maryland will begin making Medicaid eligibility reviews again. Not everyone will be up for renewal at the same time. These renewals will take place over 12 months running through April 2024. 

When it’s their time to renew, Medicaid enrollees will receive a notice about their coverage. This notice will instruct enrollees to complete their renewal. If an individual is no longer eligible for Medicaid coverage, individuals may be eligible to enroll in another low-cost health insurance option. 

We’ve recently launched the Medicaid Check-In campaign to reach Marylanders, so they know changes are coming. We are focused on ensuring that eligible individuals do not lose coverage when it is time for renewal. The campaign will run through April 2024.”

SOR: What are the biggest challenges or challenges MCOs already overcame when it comes to redetermination? 

JB: “Awareness! This is one of our biggest challenges. We need to spread the word to all Medicaid enrollees that it’s crucial Maryland Health Connection has their current contact information so they can be reached when it’s their turn to renew.   

Please help spread the word. It will take a collaborative and consistent effort to help reach enrollees about the upcoming Medicaid redetermination changes.” 

MDH is asking Medicaid beneficiaries to make sure their contact information is up to date either online, by phone, or in person by going to either, calling Maryland Health Connection at (855) 642-8572, or visiting their local health department.

This post was edited for clarity and length.