Health Net launches campaign to educate communities about Medi-Cal redeterminations


Eli Kirshbaum


As California is set to start disenrolling Medi-Cal members who are deemed no longer eligible, Medi-Cal health plans like Health Net have launched initiatives to inform and educate the public about the redeterminations process.

This is the first time in three years that Medi-Cal members will undergo a redetermination process. In anticipation of this substantial process, Health Net launched the Review to Renew campaign in February.


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“The importance of this campaign cannot be understated,” Beatriz Lopez, senior manager of public relations at Health Net, told State of Reform. “With an estimated 13 million Medi-Cal members now needing to re-certify their eligibility, Health Net is doing our part to ensure our members are informed with the knowledge and equipped with the resources to maintain their health coverage, if eligible.”

The Review to Renew campaign utilizes print and digital media to provide information and resources about the Medi-Cal redetermination process, including deadlines and how to maintain health coverage. Information and resources are distributed through the mail, interactive voice response calls, text messaging, social media, digital advertisements, and posters—with the goal of reaching as many Californians as possible. 

Health Net has also been working to ensure that populations without access to the internet obtain information by attending community events across the state in their three Recreational Vehicles (RVs), which provide free essential services to members and nonmembers. 

“Our RVs offer a range of wellness screenings, preventative care, vaccinations, resources, and more,” Lopez said. “Health Net team members attend these community events with the RVs and are using them as an opportunity to provide information and resources about redetermination to attendees.”

As a continued effort to inform hard-to-reach populations, Health Net has provided community based organizations and partner providers with toolkits that contain written templates, flyers, and social graphics on how to notify clients of the redeterminations process.

Spokespeople from Health Net are also conducting interviews on the topic of redeterminations with numerous outlets, including the Korean Broadcasting System, in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.

“Ensuring all Medi-Cal members among all communities understand the importance of having updated contact information so that they can receive their re-eligibility packets from their county is of great importance,” Lopez said. “Without this updated contact information, members could lose their coverage.”

Throughout this process, Health Net is launching a new landing page on their website for members who have questions such as how to verify eligibility, and courses of action to take if members are determined to be ineligible for Medi-Cal coverage.

Health Net also offers Ambetter plans, which are designed to assist working families and individuals who may not qualify for Medi-Cal. Plans consist of preventative and wellness services, maternity and newborn care, pediatric services, mental health and substance use services, hospitalization coverage, prescription drug coverage, and telehealth services.

“Taking care of all our members throughout this redetermination process and beyond is a top priority for Health Net,” Lopez said.