What They’re Watching: Francoise Culley-Trotman, AlohaCare


Eli Kirshbaum


In this edition of our “What They’re Watching” video series, we sat down with AlohaCare CEO Francoise Culley-Trotman to hear about the health plan’s main priorities at our recent 2023 Hawaii State of Reform Health Policy Conference. She discussed how AlohaCare was founded by community health centers, and how representatives from these health centers sit on AlohaCare’s board and contribute heavily to the organization’s governance.


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Culley-Trotman also spoke about AlohaCare’s commitment to whole-person care.

“We go beyond just providing benefits and services to ensure that members and their families are able to meet basic needs of food, housing, [and] education, giving them resources for financial stability and financial communication. So that’s been a philosophy at AlohaCare for many years.”

She referenced the organization’s recently launched Imua Loa community giving program as an example of this philosophy in action. The program dispersed $300,000 to 20 different organizations across the Hawaiian islands to help underserved Hawaiians meet their essential health needs.