Michigan looks to expand child and adolescent health center program


James Sklar


In January, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) announced that it is requesting proposals to expand its Child and Adolescent Health Center program through school-based or school-linked health services. The Child and Adolescent Health Center Program has two models: Child and Adolescent Health Centers (CAHC) and School Wellness Programs (SWP).


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Michigan’s Child and Adolescent Health Center Program promotes the health of children, adolescents, and their families by providing primary care, preventative care, comprehensive health assessment, vision and hearing screening, medication, immunization, health education, mental healthcare, and early intervention healthcare services. The centers serve youth and adolescents ages five to 21 in schools or near school property.

CAHC administers 86 clinical and alternative clinical centers, 31 SWPs, and five Behavioral Health Service models throughout the state of Michigan. While SWP provides services to promote academic success by helping students achieve their best possible physical and mental health status.

From October 2018 through September 2019, SWPs had 26,487 total visits, which include 10,121 mental health visits, 668 telehealth visits, and 6,461 first-time users.

Last year, advocates asked for $25 million to help establish 100 more school-based health centers. Even so, $12.1 million will be used for applicant organizations who qualify to provide school-based or school-linked healthcare services. Organizations may receive a minimum of $170,000 and maximum of $330,000.  

In order to receive funding, applicants must demonstrate a collaboration between the local school district, healthcare providers, and sponsoring agencies. Applicants must submit their application electronically through Electronic Grants Administration & Management System by 3 pm March 1st. The five-month award begins May 1st and ends Sept. 30th.