HCPF announces it will begin redetermination process for Health First Colorado and CHP+ in May


Boram Kim


The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Finance (HCPF) announced on Friday that it will resume the standard eligibility renewal and disenrollment process for state Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) in May. 


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Total enrollment in Medicaid programs grew by nearly 500,000 members since March 2020, when the federal government mandated a continuous coverage requirement for states to keep members covered. 

HCPF said it is working to transition some 325,000 Health First Colorado (Colorado Medicaid) and CHP+ members to other health coverage options over the coming year. 

“Our primary goal is to help ensure members who continue to be eligible for our programs stay enrolled and that those disenrolling members get connected to affordable coverage,” said Kim Bimestefer, HCPF executive director. “We are focused on helping all our members and partners to accomplish our shared goal to Keep Coloradans Covered.”. 

Statewide collaboration to seamlessly connect these individuals to affordable coverage is underway. The Department of Insurance (DOI) recently shared the latest enrollment figures for the Colorado Option, which now has 40,000 members, the majority of whom receive financial assistance. 

For members who qualify to keep their coverage, HCPF says renewal packets must be completed and submitted by their designated deadlines.

Members will be disenrolled at the end of their anniversary month. Starting next month, HCPF will be sending out notifications to members of their disenrollment in the months prior to their anniversary month. HCPF is calling on healthcare providers to remind their Medicaid patients about the renewal process and encourage them to seek resources. 

HCPF urged those who will be impacted to visit CO.gov/PEAK to directly update their information and request electronic notifications or connect with an agent who can assist with the transition. Members losing coverage can find other affordable health coverage options through Connect for Health Colorado or by visiting the DOI website