What They’re Watching: Claudia Tucker, Teladoc Health


Eli Kirshbaum


In this edition of “What They’re Watching,” Claudia Tucker, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at Teladoc Health—an organization that focuses on increasing telemedicine to improve whole-person care—discusses her focus on health equity and how she wants to see the commercial-level telehealth policy changes also be applied to Medicaid-covered telehealth services.

She explains that it took 14 years for Teladoc to hit their one millionth virtual visit, but that—following the impacts of the pandemic—they’ve reached around 19 million visits in 2022.


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She emphasized that this expansion of virtual care use needs to be safe for patients and that business interests don’t end up impeding patient access to it.

“But in that growth, we’ve got to make sure that the people who are participating are doing it for the right reasons. Texas has a very robust and a very fair—and a very, I would say, innovative—regulatory and legal framework now, and we want to make sure everyone is abiding by the law, abiding by the regulations as they should.

There are some very fast and bad players out there, and we want to make sure that we do anything that we can to help Texas make sure that access to virtual care is safe.”