What They’re Watching: Ingrid Ulrey, US Department of Health and Human Services, District 10


Shane Ersland


In this edition of “What They’re Watching,” Ingrid Ulrey, Regional Director of District 10 for the US Department of Health and Human Services, illustrates the importance of remaining vigilant on COVID-19 response efforts.


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“We really need to stay vigilant on the COVID response. It’s really critical that we all work together for high uptake of vaccine. Just like people get their annual flu shot, now we need to think about this as our annual COVID shot.”

With waning immunity, it is important for healthcare professionals to work with trusted messengers and partners to encourage people to get vaccinated, Ulrey said.

“Because many of us had our original series or booster quite some time ago, the risk of outbreaks is very high. If we can get people to vaccinate at the same level as people vaccinated last year for flu, we have modeling that shows it would prevent 100,000 deaths and nearly 1 million hospitalizations.”