What They’re Watching: Andrew Suchocki, Clackamas Health Centers


Shane Ersland


In this edition of “What They’re Watching,” Andrew Suchocki, Medical Director for Clackamas Health Centers, discusses the organization’s work in preparing to take value-based payment to the next level.


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“We’re working on being nimble and responsive to the needs of the state, our payors, and our patients to blend those goals together. Meaning ensuring that we’re providing really high-quality care, but also addressing gaps in coverage that were created by COVID, but also just in general. General care gaps that we have with our patients. We’re really tooling our organization to meet those needs, and doing better in care coordination.”

Suchocki said Clackamas has invested a lot in data systems over the years. 

“And I see a lot of these long-term investments taken into fruition as we try to make primary care the driver of improving health and reducing cost.”