What They’re Watching: Lucy Marrero, Gold Coast Health Plan


Eli Kirshbaum


In this edition of our “What They’re Watching” video series, Lucy Marrero, Director of Behavioral Health and Social Programs for Gold Coast Health Plan, discusses her work to improve behavioral health access in California. She believes school-based behavioral health support is key to addressing the state’s youth behavioral health crisis.


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She highlighted the Student Behavioral Health Incentive Program, through which Gold Coast Health Plan works with Ventura County and local school districts to increase behavioral health care accessibility for youth in schools.

“Children go to school every day. They have relationships with teachers, administrators, [and] school counselors, and those relationships can be very strong, and there’s a lot of trust in the community for the schools. And I think in health care we don’t have that same level of trust from the community. So really building partnerships with our schools I think is extremely important for us.”