What They’re Watching: Jared Kosin, Alaska Hospital and Healthcare Association


Shane Ersland


In this edition of our “What They’re Watching” series, Jared Kosin, President and CEO of the Alaska Hospital and Healthcare Association, talked about the association’s efforts to supplement the state’s workforce.


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“Our single biggest priority right now is around workforce, and that’s complex. Everyone’s looking for that silver bullet. What is it going to take? And it’s really a multi-faceted strategy. We’re looking at the pipeline and how we reach younger Alaskans and get them interested in healthcare. How we increase graduates from our healthcare programs at the university and other institutions. At the end of the day we have tons of positions we need to fill.”

Joining the Nurse Licensure Compact might help Alaska address some of its healthcare workforce needs, Kosin said.

“This thing’s in use in 39 states and jurisdictions across the country. We think Hawaii’s about to be No. 40 and we all know Hawaii’s just as unique as us. I’m trying to get nurse recruits, I’m trying to get people in. This would be very helpful around that.”