What They’re Watching: Mohit Ghose, Elevance Health


Eli Kirshbaum


In this edition of our “What They’re Watching” series, Mohit Ghose, State Affairs Officer at Elevance Health, says it’s a “very exciting time to be in health care” due to California’s recent, unprecedented policy movement. He emphasized the increasing levels of integrated care that are being realized in the state.


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“We are now on the cusp of getting true, integrated health care. Of actually having behavioral health be a focus of everything that we do. To looking at everything that we perform within the state through the lens of equity and quality improvement.

And also to ensure that we are being able to deliver the best and most affordable benefit packages for our commercial clients as well. So whether you look at the Medicaid system, whether you look at the commercial system, there’s a lot of integration occurring right now.”

Ghose emphasized, however, that work remains to be done to achieve full care integration. This includes aligning Medi-Cal provision to the state’s population health model and facilitating interagency cooperation on things like behavioral health integration and children and youth health care.