Utah Medicare plans to provide lower premiums and better access to prescription medications in 2023


Boram Kim


With the 2022 enrollment period set to begin next week, Utah Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans will offer added benefits and lower costs for enrollees in 2023. 


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The Inflation Reduction Act limits monthly out-of-pocket insulin copays to $35 for Medicare enrollees and provides free vaccinations for shots approved under Part D, which according to the US Senate Committee on Aging will impact over 30,000 and 13,000 Utahns respectively. 

Some 245,000 Utahns will see marketplace premiums drop by hundreds of dollars on average in 2023. The average monthly Medicare Advantage plan premium in Utah will drop from $17.72 in 2022 to $15.77 in 2023, an 11% decrease, according to CMS. 

The number of Medicare Advantage plans available in the state is also up to 54 in 2023, compared to 51 plans in 2022. Of those plans, 13 offer enrollees additional options, including reductions on cost sharing for certain covered benefits. These include eliminating cost sharing for Medicare Part D, rewards and incentives for healthy behaviors, and customized benefits that address social determinants of health. 

SelectHealth, which incorporates $0 Primary Care Physician copays and a healthy living rewards program in most of its 2023 Utah Medicare plans, says its beneficiaries will enjoy more choices and added value in the coming year.

“Each year we evaluate and design our SelectHealth Medicare health plan offerings with our members in mind, closely reviewing their needs and aligning plan benefits with our mission to help people live the healthiest lives possible,” said Marti Lolli, SelectHealth President and CEO. “Our 2023 SelectHealth Medicare plans offer exciting and enhanced benefits as we consistently look for innovative solutions that contribute to affordable costs and provide better health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries in our service areas.”

There are 434,492 Utahns currently enrolled in Medicare with nearly 318,200 of them with Medicare Part D. Starting in 2025, Part D prescription drug costs will be capped at $2,000 annually and provide relief to more than 11,000 Utahns who currently exceed that limit. 

In Utah, 23 stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plans are available in 2023, with all those enrolled in Medicare having access to a Medicare prescription drug plan and lower premiums than what they paid in 2022. The lowest monthly premium for a stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan in 2023 will be $5.10.

Those who qualify for Medicare can contact the State Health Insurance Assistance Programs for one-on-one assistance.