Lunch Keynote: Hospitals & COVID


Eli Kirshbaum


At last month’s 2022 Los Angeles State of Reform Health Policy Conference, we were thrilled to have a unique Lunch Keynote presentation from Kim Milstien, Managing Principal at Health Management Associates, and George Greene, CEO of the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC).


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Greene and Milstien talk through their work on the in-progress Pandemic Response and Emergency Planning (PREP) report—a joint venture between HASC and HMA that uses interviews and research to lay out how Southern California hospitals and the broader health care system responded to COVID-19, identify where there were gaps and what strategies proved effective, and offer guidance for future emergency response in the region.

Greene emphasized the utility this report will have for future policy decisions pertaining to hospitals and their emergency responses.

“The next time there’s an issue in front of a county board of supervisors [or] a city council, this [report] is going to have a positive impact on my hospitals’ ability to provide health care to the community that it serves, and you can count me in as a voice.

Because it’s very important for the County Boards of Supervisors to hear from our hospital CEOs, to hear from me and my team, but it’s even more important to hear from members of the community. People who are actually involved in the practice of health care.

So I truly hope you’ll at least consider adding your voice to amplify our voice when it’s needed.”