Keynote: Providence CEO Ella Goss discusses need to build clinically integrated network in Alaska


Shane Ersland


Ella Goss, CEO of Providence Alaska, capped the 2022 Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference by discussing some key health care initiatives. She said it is important for the state to build a clinically integrated network in Alaska.


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“We do not have a whole system of care in Alaska,” Goss said. “We have very good siloed, independent, oftentimes disjointed pockets of care. Going forward, that’s not going to work for us. The partnerships we’ve created, we need to continue with so we can put together an integrated network of care so the care passes through the continuum versus being so disjointed. 

Goss said providers can only establish a clean continuum of care, “If we have our partners, our insurance partners and our hospital partners come together to create that network of care.”

She also spoke about Providence’s partnership with the University of Anchorage Alaska (UAA), and how industry experts can utilize the college to supplement the state’s workforce. 

“UAA needs to be our pipeline for our workforce,” Goss said. “They do a great job. How can we help them do it better? How do we tell them what we need, help them with the programs, and ensure they have preceptors and people who can help train people coming out?”