Keynote: A conversation with John Baackes, CEO of LA Care Health Plan


Eli Kirshbaum


We were honored to have LA Care Health Plan CEO John Baackes close out the 2022 Los Angeles State of Reform Health Policy Conference last week. During his remarks, Baackes discusses the significant barriers of social determinants of health and the strategies to address them, his experience in LA-area health care while leading the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan in the midst of a global pandemic, and his thoughts on the current and future Medi-Cal landscape.

“I believe LA Care has a unique role in our community. We’re a nonprofit, public entity where the leadership lives in the community, and we have no shareholders. Therefore, I see LA Care as an advocate for our members and participating providers to improve the quality of lives of our most vulnerable fellow human beings.”

Baackes also answers questions from stakeholders in the audience at the end of the keynote.