What They’re Watching: Jess Molberg, Coordinated Care


Shane Ersland


Jess Molberg is the Senior Director of Behavioral Health at Coordinated Care. She is focused on serving specialty populations, including those in foster care, with behavioral health issues. During our 2022 Inland Northwest State of Reform Health Policy Conference, she said a current Coordinated Care project allows her to help patients experiencing addiction during pregnancy.


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“If you think about the suite of services someone may need when they’re experiencing substance use disorder or opioid use disorder in pregnancy, you have your OB, you have outpatient therapy, and you also have medication for opioid use disorder. It’s a lot of different doctors, especially if we look at the statistics of individuals on Medicaid. They’re typically lower socioeconomic status. They are largely, disproportionately people from BIPOC communities. And so what we’ve done is we’ve partnered with a couple clinics statewide to try to provide those services in the same place. We have partnered with different telehealth vendors to provide the medication for opioid use disorder, to provide some of the mental health and substance use patient therapy. That way the person can just go get their OB appointment, and they can also get some of the mental health and substance use treatment while they’re in the building through telehealth so you’re not going to multiple places.”