CDHS hires new chief equity, diversity, and inclusion officer


Boram Kim


Dr. Sandy Ho has been hired as chief equity, diversity, and inclusion officer for the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS).

Dr. Sandy Ho, Chief EDI Officer at CDHS


For more than two decades, Dr. Ho has contributed to and been recognized at the regional and state levels for advocacy and championing transformational equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) work. They strive to model cultural humility and an active dedication to elevating equity, diversity, and inclusion by providing a brave space for dialogue, unlearning, and innovation. Dr. Ho has extensive expertise in and a passion for leadership development, community engagement, and accountability.


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CDHS is committed to embedding EDI throughout the organization through deliberate actions to improve processes, culture and engagement with employees and the communities CDHS serves. The first goals of Dr. Ho’s new role is to build a strong EDI team and implement the department’s 5 year EDI action plan to achieve more equitable delivery of human services.

Dr. Ho looks forward to bringing their experiences and learnings to CDHS and helping Coloradans thrive: “I am excited to contribute to the important work of ensuring all CDHS employees, county and non-profit partners, clients, and Coloradans feel like they belong and can thrive as their authentic selves.”

Dr. Ho began their new duties on September 19, and will be a foundational member of the community partnerships and EDI team. Ho received a bachelors of arts in communication, a master of arts in leadership and a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in educational leadership, research, and policy.

This press release was provided by the Colorado Department of Human Services.