What They’re Watching: David Wetherelt, Briljent


Eli Kirshbaum


David Wetherelt, Client Services Manager for Briljent, is focused on addressing the modular nature of different systems in health care. When different siloes, such as health data collection organizations and Medicaid Enterprise Systems, buy separate technologies for their operation, it can be challenging to connect these systems together in a way that benefits the patient. Training people in the health sector about coordination between these systems, he says, will also be a something to focus on.

“We’re focused on thinking of ways to better educate either health care workers or community-based organizations on how to utilize some of these tools that are now all kind of coming back together. And another aspect of all that is that we’re trying to build community coalitions along those lines. So building out things with the community in mind as opposed to a single technology or a single vendor.”