What They’re Watching: Carol Steckel, InnovAge


Nicole Pasia


With her 30 years of experience working with the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), Carol Steckel, Executive Vice President of Government Relations at InnovAge, reflects on the transformation of PACE from small-scale, community-based models to state investments that are being replicated across the country. 


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With InnovAge being the largest provider for Florida’s PACE Program, Steckel says providing a one-stop shop for primary care and community supports helps relieve hardships for both participants and their caregivers. 

“We provide transportation, and [participants] come into the center as often as they need to and we provide their primary care. We do their entire comprehensive set of services. We are the coordinator for those services. We have an interdisciplinary team that’s made of 11 different professions and we’re always helping not only the participant, but the caregivers, with coordinating that care.”