Washington DOH issues notice of intent to suspend the licenses at Spokane’s Daybreak Youth Services


Shane Ersland


The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) issued a notice of intent to suspend the licenses at Daybreak Youth Services (DYS), a behavioral health agency and residential treatment facility that serves youths in Spokane, due to failure to cooperate with an investigation into ongoing patient safety concerns.


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The DOH initiated an investigation into allegations of misconduct related to patient boundary issues by a staff member at DYS in March. Despite repeated efforts by the DOH to complete the investigation, DYS has remained uncooperative and has failed to provide requested information.

DYS has 28 days to request a hearing on the license suspension before the suspension takes effect. A request for a hearing would postpone the suspension, pending a decision by an administrative law judge. If DYS’ license is suspended, the facility must cease operations and transfer patients to other facilities.  

This is an ongoing investigation, and no additional details can be released at this time.

The DOH promotes public health and the delivery of safe, high quality health care in Washington by regulating health care providers and facilities. It establishes licensure requirements for health care facilities, performs routine inspections, investigates complaints, and takes enforcement action when warranted to protect patient safety.

This press release was provided by the Washington State Department of Health.