Keynote: A Conversation with Congressman Neal Dunn, MD


Nicole Pasia


For our Morning Keynote at the 2022 Florida State of Reform Health Policy Conference, we were honored to have Congressman Neal Dunn (R – Panama City), MD, join us for a conversation on policy reform in the health care sphere. Dunn represents Florida’s second congressional district and sits on the US House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Health. 


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One of Dunn’s focus areas is telemedicine regulation—specifically, ensuring that medical liability resides with the provider.

“If we establish a fundamental rule that the state controls where the state of licensure of the medical practice is … the states can move forward with the rules to then govern telemedicine. We need some rules, we need some guardrails. I think they would be very popular once they’re set up. ”

See the full conversation above.