MDHHS issues a slew of RFPs to protect underserved Michiganders


Patrick Jones


The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) recently issued a slew of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) aimed at increasing access to facilities and services for underserved communities in Michigan. 

Within the last month, MDHHS has issued 7 RFPs including for programs on the social determinants of health (SDOH), preventing abuse, and supporting direct care nurses. All proposals are due through the EGrAMS program website


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The order in which the proposals are due, MDHHS issued a RFP for programs to expand housing opportunities for persons with HIV/AIDS. The focus of the program would be to develop a plan to support permanent residency for folks and families in a homeless or unstable housing situation who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. 

MDHHS said the program would target applicants from federally recognized tribes, nonprofits, public agencies, private agencies, and universities. MDHHS plans to issue 10 awards with a maximum of $2.13 million for a single award. Proposals were due electronically by 3pm on May 16th for a reward period between Oct. 1st, 2022 and Sept. 30th, 2023. 

MDHHS also issued a RFP for a SDOH accelerator program which aims to help Michiganders find access to support for their social health-related needs through expansion of public health and community engagement efforts. Eligible applicants include federally recognized tribes and existing health collaboratives who aim to establish connections to services within their region.

MDHHS plans to issue 5 awards with a $1.8 million total for the awards. The award period begins Aug. 1st, 2022 and ends Sept. 30th, 2023, but could be extended beyond Sept. 30th based on performance and funding availability. Proposals are due by 3pm on May 27th. 

Another RFP seeks out proposals to deliver “innovative services” to prevent child abuse and neglect. The MDHHS Children’s Trust Fund—which is funding the proposal—aims to invest in proposals that target at-risk families of child development issues. Applicants will receive assistance with the start-up of the program in addition to the funds. 

The trust fund plans to offer 5 awards to a total of $400,000 available. Proposals are due on May 31st for a program period between Oct. 1st, 2022 and Sept. 30th, 2023. 

The Division of Victim Services at MDHHS issued a RFP to provide culturally specific services to victims of a crime, which includes victims who face service barriers due to race, ethnicity, geographic location, religion, sexual orientation, etc. 

MDHHS is looking for nonprofits exempt from taxation and governmental agencies with a culturally responsive victim services program. MDHHS plans to issue up to 25 awards with a max of $950,000 for a single award. Proposals are due by 3pm on June 9th for an award period between Oct. 1st, 2022 and Sept. 30th, 2023.

Another RFP from MDHHS is looking for proposals for the installation of adult-sized, universal, electronic changing tables in public and private venues. The project will “increase opportunities for participation in community life for persons of all ages living with disabilities.”

Applicants must work with people with disabilities, be knowledgeable of their challenges, and be able to plan and execute the installation, construction, and remodeling necessary for the project. MDHHS plans to issue 1 award worth $100,000. Proposals are due June 10th for a grant period between July 1st and Sept. 30th, 2022. 

MDHHS has also issued a RFP to leverage technology to design more efficient workflows for direct care nursing staff to improve the delivery of patient services. Eligible applicants must have a description of the technology they plan to use, a plan for including direct care workers in development, and a plan for evaluating outcomes. 

The department plans to issue 2 or 3 awards with a maximum of $99,000 per award and a total amount of $198,000. Proposals are due June 17th for a grant period between Oct. 1st, 2022 and Sept. 30th, 2023. 

Lastly, the Behavioral and Physical Health and Aging Services Administration of MDHHS issued a RFP to prevent elder and vulnerable adult abuse through expanding access to prevention services. These prevention efforts include developing programs for meditation, and addressing  concerns around hoarding, safe housing, and elder deaths. 

MDHHS plans to issue 6 awards with a minimum of $75,000 and maximum $200,000 per applicant. Proposals are due June 24th for a grant period between Oct. 1st, 2022 and Sept. 30th, 2023.