What They’re Watching: Phillip Bergquist, Michigan Primary Care Association


Patrick Jones


The Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA) is working on efforts to build out alternative payment models (APMs) to move away from fee-for-service in Michigan. They are aiming to shift monetary incentives to a “global” or per-person payment structure. 

At our 2022 Michigan State of Reform Health Policy Conference, Phillip Bergquist, CEO of MPCA, discussed his organization’s work in the APM space and their efforts to address the ongoing health care workforce shortage. 


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To address the workforce shortage, Bergquist said MPCA is developing a new workforce training program that will bring in people who align with the mission of primary care and community health centers and train them on the job. 

“We need to start building our own workforce. We are thinking about the occupations where we can bring folks into organizations like community health centers that are great fits for the mission and the people that we are trying to serve and then help them develop the skill set that they need to fit into those roles and be part of our care teams.”